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Set your own schedule.
Attractive $ rates per visit.
Improve patient outcomes.

Come Change the Future of Healthcare Delivery

Luna is changing the healthcare landscape by improving patient access to quality care. We provide physical therapists with the opportunity to spend quality time with their patients, flexible work schedules, strong earning potential, and less paperwork.

See better adherence from your patients due to therapist consistency, convenience and easy access to communication with the healthcare team for transparency and progress.

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Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Licensed in California
  • Reliable transportation
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Set Your Own Schedule

Luna matches you with patients that fit your criteria for time, location and patient population.

Attractive $ rates per visit

You’ll receive payments within 48 hours of your completed appointment with a patient.

Improve Patient Outcomes

We take care of scheduling, billing and insurance details so you can focus on patient outcomes. Luna physical therapists spend an average of 50+ minutes with each patient.


“I love working for Luna. I get to spend quality time providing the type of excellent care patients expect in the comfort of their home - no double bookings! The rewards and incentives are also a great added bonus.”

Jo M. Fletcher, DPT

“Luna saved me from burning out as a clinician! I get more one-on-one time with my patients and have flexibility in setting hours that work for me. I get to be my own boss without the hassle of owning a practice.”

Steve Stalzer, PT

“Working with Luna provides amazing earning potential, a flexible schedule and a daily opportunity to provide quality care to our community.”

Palak Shah, DPT