Luna and Health Systems: Unlock the Potential of Rehabilitation Services with On-Demand Delivery

For health systems, rehabilitation services such as physical and occupational therapies offer a golden opportunity to improve the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, and outcomes, while driving revenue, reducing costs, increasing the patient’s engagement with the system, and expanding the system’s market reach. Yet for most, it’s a lost opportunity; the majority of outpatient therapy referrals go elsewhere for care or don’t go anywhere at all. A way to capture these benefits wasn’t easy or apparent – until Luna created a turn-key approach to on-demand rehabilitation. 


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Real health system success with Luna

When a 15-hospital health system with over $5 billion in net revenue and 500+ physicians partnered with Luna, the outcome is exactly as expected: higher market share, increased revenues, and lowered costs. Here is the business impact:

Enabling referral recapture by adding 90,454 annual visits and $12,211,290 in revenue.


Improving profitability of existing cases by adding 14,450 visits and $1,950,750 in revenue, serving the existing waitlist.


The total value creation for this client (added profit plus cost savings) over 5 years is proforma’d at $34.9M – significant by any standard.