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Physical therapy,
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Proudly serving patients in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington State. See our coverage.
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Expert physical therapists

Over 700 licensed outpatient therapists are ready to come to you.

Amanda Van Frank


Specializes in:

Sports Performance Training, Return to Play, ACL Rehab and Prevention


Joshua Arellano


Specializes in:

Core Training, Spinal Rehab, Corrective Exercise


Elaine Huddon


Specializes in:

McKenzie Method of Spine Care, Post Operative Rehab


Did you know?

100% of Luna therapists are licensed board-certified physical therapists and on average have more than 10 years of experience.

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Karen Khuu


Specializes in:

Ortho and Sports medicine, Pelvic Floor


Paul Nguyen


Specializes in:

Manual Therapy, Spine Care, Post Operative Rehab for joint replacement


Mika Toribara


Specializes in:

Sports Rehab, Movement Based Approach, Spinal Rehab, Health Coaching


Did you know?

Luna therapists are experienced. The average Luna therapist has treated patients for more than 20,500 hours in their career.

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How it works

Get matched with a therapist

Work with the same physical therapist who’s an expert in your condition for every appointment.

Receive care on your schedule

Your therapist will deliver PT in-person, so getting care is safe and convenient.

Heal faster with Luna

In between sessions, your therapist can prescribe in-app exercises and answer any questions in the Luna® app.

Thousands of patients

Use insurance or pay a flat fee

No matter how you pay for treatment, there’s no prescription required to start.

Commercial insurance
Same co-pay

You’ll pay the same that you would pay to visit a clinic, not a penny more. We accept all major insurances and Medicare.

$0 per visit

Most Medicare plans with a secondary cover your entire cost. You’ll pay nothing to Luna.

$125 per visit

You won’t be charged until after your visit is completed.

To instantly verify benefits in 30 seconds or less:

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Frequently asked questions

Where are Luna therapists seeing patients?

Our therapists are available for appointments across Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington State. In all the neighborhoods we serve, we come to you to make the PT experience as convenient as possible. See our coverage.

How do I know if my insurance will cover Luna?

Luna accepts many insurance plans and we handle the benefits verification process for you. With Luna, you always pay the same exact co-pay your insurance plan has for visiting a PT clinic. We accept all major insurances and Medicare. Call to instantly verify benefits - you’re likely covered!

Do I need a prescription (referral) to see a Luna physical therapist?

In most cases, you will not need a doctor’s referral. Some insurance providers do require a doctor’s referral, and we’ll promptly let you know if that’s the case with your insurance. Read more about prescriptions.

When and where can I have my appointment?

Appointments are available 7 days a week, from 6:30am-8:30pm. We make it hassle-free to complete your full course of care by having your Luna therapist come to you. In general, our therapists treat patients at home. See our clinic comparison chart.

Can I see the same physical therapist every visit?

We strive to have a single therapist work with each patient for their entire course of care. Sometimes your scheduling priorities may require adjustments, but you’ll always know who is seeing you for your appointment in advance.

Why on-demand physical therapy is better

More convenience means our patients actually complete their care plans.

See our clinic comparison chart.

1:1 personalized

45-55 minutes of dedicated care means faster recovery in fewer treatments.

Necessary equipment
comes to you

Your PT will bring a treatment table and a mobile kit. 90% of cases don't need heavy machines.

Safe and

Skip the clinic with no added fees. Luna is covered by insurance and is safely delivered to you on your schedule.

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