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Luna for Physical Therapy Practices

Expand the reach and profitability of your clinic group by enabling on-demand physical therapy for your patients and therapists.

“Powered by Luna” allows your practice to deliver on-demand PT services and infinitely expand your service area. Luna’s technology will match your therapists with your patients, optimize driving routes, and enable your practice to serve patients in the comfort of their home. And perhaps best of all, “Powered by Luna” is suited for practices of all sizes - from a single location to the largest national chain with hundreds of sites.

Capture additional revenue

When your practice is “Powered by Luna”, visit volume will increase by 10-15% through offering on-demand PT services. And for every 25 therapists added to the Luna platform, an extra $1,000,000 in value is created annually.

Recapture lost visits

Cancellations and “no shows” happen all the time. Recapture lost visits while offering safe and convenient care at patients’ homes and in the community, without reducing visits performed in the clinic. Service patients who have limited transportation, need weekend availability, or are unable to drive into the clinic.

Instantly increase your serviceable area

No longer be limited to the square footage of your clinic. By using Luna to mobilize your therapists into the community, your practice’s geography footprint expands significantly without the cost of additional brick and mortar locations. Luna also enables practices to maintain their relationships in the community and continue providing care while reducing their facility and staffing footprint.

The “Powered by Luna” partnership

Expand coverage beyond the facility

Luna’s technology matches your therapists with your patients, which enables practices to serve patients in the safety and comfort of their home, on their schedule.

Treat most outpatient therapy cases

On-demand PT services effectively addresses orthopedic and sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, geriatrics, neurologic, vestibular, women’s health and pelvic floor, lymphedema and more. In fact, 90% of the cases that can be treated in an outpatient facility can be treated on-demand.

Leverage your existing therapy staff

Luna credentials, onboards, and supports your therapists; enabling them to deliver on-demand care for your practice. Luna ensures that they are productive and successful providing care on the Luna platform. What if you have more patients than therapist availability? Tap into Luna’s broader network of therapists and still generate revenue for your practice.

Are you ready to expand your services to be “Powered by Luna”?

Contact us today to discuss your clinic needs and see how we can help. “Powered by Luna” is available for clinics of all sizes across the United States.

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