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Luna for Health Systems

Helping health systems improve profitability and ensure patient safety and satisfaction
with in-home physical therapy.

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Why partner with Luna

Eliminate rehab referral leakage

Eliminate rehab referral leakage

The typical health system experiences rehab referral leakage of ~50%, meaning that half of your patients seek rehab care elsewhere. Patients seek these competing clinics out for rehab because of the shorter drive times and prevalence of local options. While adding 20-40 new locations to expand your geographic coverage may not be an option for most, Luna provides the ability to keep these patients inside your system with a highly differentiated service offering - delivered care at home.

Improve margin and reduce costs

Improve margin and reduce costs

With Luna, health systems improve the performance of their outpatient physical therapy practice. With more capacity and access, Luna eliminates backlogs and wait times. With tight operational metrics, your in-home practice will reach new levels of performance quickly. The Luna approach also reduces readmission risks and improves performance for value-based payment arrangements.

Ensure patient safety and satisfaction

Ensure patient safety and satisfaction

Luna patients report a 99.6% satisfaction rate. Luna ensures the health and safety of both patients and therapists by adhering to the best practices in infection control.

Here’s what health systems are saying

“We don’t have the capital to be able to build more clinics today. The partnership with Luna allows us to start a service line and not be limited by location.”

Cory Ferrier, Business Development Adventist HealthCare

“The pandemic really accelerated the way we think about off-site care. We very quickly had to reinvent not only how we diagnose patients, but also how we treat them nonoperatively - including with rehabilitation. We were scanning the horizon of innovative companies, and Luna seemed intriguing. We actually moved pretty quickly on it.”

Dr. Scott Boden, Chair of Orthopaedics at Emory Healthcare

“We’re always looking for ways we can provide high-quality care to the community, and our partnership with Luna offered a natural extension of our own service lines and the ability to provide high-quality physical therapy care just in a slightly different venue: by meeting the patient at home.”

Phillip Vande Pol, DPT, OCS Supervisor of Outpatient Rehabilitation, EvergreenHealth

How it works

Luna has exceptional therapists in your patients' communities and accepts all major insurances and Medicare. 87% of outpatient cases can be shifted to the in-home model.

In-home PT

A Luna therapist will treat your patient at their home via in-person delivery and prescribed in-app exercises.

Convenient support

Your patient can book appointments online or over the phone. We'll confirm their insurance coverage before the first visit so there are no billing surprises.

Expert therapists

We’ll use your patient’s clinical needs to match them with a therapist with the right expertise. And your patient will work with the same therapist for every appointment.

The “Powered by Luna” approach

Power Luna
Expand coverage beyond the facility

Expand coverage beyond the facility

Luna’s technology matches therapists with patients, which enables a health system to serve patients in the safety and comfort of their home, on their schedule. Patients efficiently move through the continuum of care, with higher compliance and satisfaction, delivered by a safe and convenient in-home alternative.

Treat most outpatient PT cases

Treat most outpatient PT cases

In-home physical therapy services effectively addresses orthopedic and sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, geriatrics, neurologic, vestibular, women’s health and pelvic floor, lymphedema, and more. 87% of all outpatient cases can be shifted to the in-home model.

Leverage your existing workforce

Leverage your existing workforce

Luna provides access to our broad network of therapists to support your patients’ in-home treatments. For your current workforce, Luna credentials, onboards, and supports your therapists and enables them to deliver in-home care. We ensure that they are productive and successful providers on the Luna platform.

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