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Focus on your patients. Take care of yourself.

Luna motivates patients by eliminating the hurdles of healthcare and empowers therapists
by offering independence and control.

Work for yourself

Make your own schedule.
We’ll handle the billing, patient marketing, and booking.

Care for engaged patients

Treat patients with diverse clinical needs—beyond what’s common in traditional home health.

See your clinical impact

Spend 50+ minutes of each appointment with your patient,
and see them for their entire
course of care.

If you’re interested in providing care with Luna, we’d love to learn about you so we can tell you more.

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We believe there’s a better way to care. It takes technology, community, and equitable compensation.


  • Safety Shield™ because your safety matters
  • We match you with patients based on your specialty and location
  • Track patient progress in-app and help them stay engaged with their care
  • Our integrated EMR makes it easy to capture and reference patient information at every appointment


  • Get concierge support from the Luna team whenever you need it
  • Continuous learning through value added resources and access to thought leaders
  • Participate in Luna’s ongoing social, learning, and development events


  • Attractive compensation that is industry competitive
  • Get paid per visit
  • Receive timely payments that are direct deposited and visible in-app
Let us tell you more

Here’s what Luna therapists are saying

Ricky Yu PT, DPT, OCS

“Luna has given me the freedom to determine when and how I want to work which has brought a new meaning to work/life balance for me.”

Bryan Mai PT, DPT, MLC

“Luna provides an amazing new outlook on Outpatient PT, making it far more accessible and convenient for both therapists and patients.”

Jennifer Warner PT, DPT

“As a busy mom of 3 young children, Luna is a dream “mom job” that allows me to both work and make family a priority. I work only when the kids are in school, which means I never miss a performance, and they’re on time for soccer practice!”

We work for you

Luna enables you to decide. Do you need a full schedule of patients, or just supplement
your standing clinic hours? Luna offers the platform to create just what you need.

To see patients with Luna, you’ll need:

  • California Physical Therapy license
  • 3+ years of experience working with patients
  • Reliable transportation

Meet these requirements? Great! How shall we reach you?

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