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How it works

Schedule an appointment

Book online, with the Luna® app, or by phone. There’s no waiting list to start treatment.

Get matched with a therapist

Work with the same physical therapist who’s an expert in your condition for every appointment.

Receive care on your schedule

Your therapist will come to your home or office, so getting care is easy and convenient.

Use insurance or pay a flat fee

No matter how you pay for treatment, there’s no prescription required to start.

With insurance

You’ll pay the same co-pay your insurance plan requires for visiting a physical therapy clinic.

Out of pocket

Our flat fee is $125 and you won’t be charged until after your appointment is completed.

Why on-demand physical therapy is better

More convenience means our patients actually complete their care plans.

1:1 personalized

45-55 minutes of dedicated care means faster recovery in fewer treatments.

Necessary equipment
comes to you

Your PT will bring a treatment table and a mobile kit. 90% of cases don't need heavy machines.

Crafted to your

A sensible and practical program that is tailored to your lifestyle.

Download the app

Enter your mobile number and we’ll send you a link to download the app (iOS/Android).

Ready to book? Download the Luna App to manage your appointments, message the Luna Concierge and your physical therapist, and more.

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