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In-home physical therapy

How to get in-home physical therapy

Getting in-home physical therapy is easy thanks to Luna! Luna is physical therapy, delivered. Our groundbreaking platform eliminates the hassle of commutes and waiting rooms, bringing high-quality care right to your door. Our focus is on convenience and comfort. That’s why we’re in-network with most major insurances, and we’ll take care of your insurance prior authorization for you — you don’t even need a referral from a doctor. That means you can book today and start seeing your therapist tomorrow.

No matter what you’re looking to treat, Luna will match you with the perfect physical therapist — who will come right to your home for each session. At Luna, we’re working to make physical therapy what it should be: personal, convenient, and thorough.

Physical therapists near me

Amanda Van Frank

Amanda Van Frank


Specializes in:

Geriatric, Orthopedics and Sport Medicine

Joshua Arellano

Joshua Arellano


Specializes in:

Geriatrics, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, combat Sports Injuries, ACL Rehab, Spinal Rehab

Karen Khuu

Karen Khuu


Specializes in:

Ortho and Sports Medicine, Pelvic Floor

Did you know?

100% of Luna therapists are licensed board-certified physical therapists and on average have more than 10 years of experience.

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Mika Toribara

Mika Toribara


Specializes in:

Sports Rehab, Movement Based Approach, Spinal Rehab, Health Coaching

Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen


Specializes in:

Manual Therapy, Spine Care, Post Operative Rehab

Elaine Huddon

Elaine Huddon


Specializes in:

McKenzie Method of Spine Care, Post Operative Rehab

Did you know?

Luna therapists are experienced. The average Luna therapist has treated patients for more than 20,500 hours in their career.

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How it works

Get matched with a therapist

Work with the same physical therapist who’s an expert in your condition for every appointment.

Receive care on your schedule

Your therapist will deliver PT in-person, at your home or work, so getting care is safe and convenient.

Heal faster with Luna

In between sessions, your therapist can prescribe in-app exercises and answer any questions in the Luna® app.

FAQs about in-home physical therapy

Can physical therapy be done at home?

Yes, absolutely! You shouldn’t do physical therapy on your own, but you can absolutely do physical therapy with a licensed physical therapist from the comfort of your own home. In fact, the ease and comfort that comes with in-home physical therapy is the reason Luna exists!

What does a home physical therapist do?

A home physical therapist does exactly what a standard physical therapist does — just from the comfort of your own home. They work with you to help you manage your pain and address your injuries or disorders to increase your mobility and comfort. That includes a combination of education and physical exercises that together will help you heal.

How often should you do physical therapy at home?

The frequency of your in-home physical therapy visits depends on your diagnosis and the severity of your injury or disorder. At the beginning of your physical therapy program, you may need to see your therapist two or three times a week to promote a quick recovery. As your body heals, you may be able to reduce the number of visits per week.

Similarly, the frequency at which you should do the physical therapy exercises your therapist assigns to you depends on your specific condition. Your therapist will tell you how often to do the exercises.

How long is a home health physical therapy visit?

Each in-home Luna physical therapy session lasts between 45 and 55 minutes.

How many days will Medicare pay for physical therapy?

Medicare does not have a set number of days of physical therapy that it will pay for. Instead, Medicare Part B will pay for 80% of the Medicare-approved cost of medically-necessary services. Since 2018 there has been no upper cap to how much Medicare will pay for medically-necessary physical therapy.

Can you do physical therapy on your own?

You can’t do it well or safely. While the internet is full of advice on how to do physical therapy on your own, at best, it can lead to ineffective treatment, and at worst, it can lead to further injury. A professional physical therapist can not only give you the correct, detailed diagnosis, they can also guide you through the therapy, ensuring a safe and speedy recovery process.

How much does in-home physical therapy cost?

You can either use your insurance or pay a flat fee for your Luna physical therapy.

With commercial insurance, you’ll pay the same amount you would pay to visit a clinic. We accept all major insurances and Medicare. Most Medicare plans with a secondary cover your full cost, so you don’t pay anything to Luna. If you self-pay, the cost is $125 per visit. You won’t be charged until you complete your visit.

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How many times a week should you do in-home physical therapy?

It depends on your diagnosis and the extent of your injury or disorder. At the beginning, you may need to get physical therapy two or three times a week to promote a speedy recovery. As your body heals and the therapist sees how it is responding to the therapy, you may be able to reduce the number of visits per week.

How long should in-home physical therapy last?

It depends on the condition being treated as well as your healing rate. Every condition is different and everyone heals at a different rate, so there’s no universal length for a physical therapy program. Your physical therapist can give you a sense of how long the program will last when you first begin. Then, they will track your progress and make adjustments as needed. 

How do you know if in-home physical therapy is working?

You get better — that’s how you know if physical therapy is working! If you don’t feel yourself getting better, it is important that you speak openly with your therapist so they can discuss your options with you and make sure you are on the right treatment plan.

When should I stop doing in-home physical therapy?

As a general rule, you should continue your physical therapy until you reach your therapy goals or until you and your therapist decide that your goals need to be re-evaluated due to the severity of your condition. Physical therapy is by no means an indefinite commitment, but it is one you want to see through to the end — whether that end is six weeks away or twelve weeks away — if you want to get the best results.

Can you do too much physical therapy?

If you are doing physical therapy on your own, it is very easy to overdo it. If you are working with a physical therapist, it is virtually impossible to do too much, given that your physical therapy treatment will end once you have achieved your goals, whether those are reducing pain, increasing mobility, or something else.

What is the success rate of in-home physical therapy

There is no official success rate of physical therapy — whether it is in-home or at a clinic — but studies have shown the treatment to be very effective as well as cost-effective. If you commit to your treatment both at your physical therapy sessions and outside of them, then you are likely to see an improvement in your pain and/or mobility.

Should you do physical therapy exercises at home everyday?

As a general rule, yes, you should do your physical therapy exercises every day. However, if your therapist tells you to do them at a different frequency, you should always follow their advice; they know your condition best. 

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