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Anthem Blue Cross patients can now get physical therapy in-home.

We work with Anthem Blue Cross! Patients with Anthem can get first-class physical therapy from Luna wherever it is most convenient. Our physical therapists come to you. Get in touch to schedule your first in-home physical therapy session.

See why Anthem Blue Cross patients love Luna

Save on time—and gas

Avoid the hassles of driving to the clinic. With Luna, Anthem patients receive 45 minutes of personalized, 1:1 time for just their standard co-pay.

PT without the wait

There’s no waiting room, and there’s no wait list either. Visits can be scheduled with just a few hours of notice. Because your recovery can’t wait.

Convenient and in-home

Let your physical therapy come to you—whenever and wherever it’s most convenient. Scheduling a session is easy: Book online or give us a call.

Anthem Blue Cross patients trust Luna

Pooneet G.


PT is one of those things that when you need it life kinda sucks. Luna makes this super easy with a simple to use app, direct billing to insurance and care within your home at your convenience. I setup my account and someone was at my house the next day. Not sure how they make this service any more amazing than it already is...

The fact that it’s just me and my therapist, in a private setting, really makes a difference. I love the 1:1 time and attention... it helps me get better, faster, without making a multi-hour commitment to drive to the clinic.”

Anthony K.

Local Guides

The people at Luna are very kind and accommodating. When I first called for an appointment, I was able to setup an appointment within a few days. Other places I called could not get me in for several weeks.

“Home is the most comfortable location for me. I don’t have to worry about getting to the clinic, especially when I’m in pain. The service has been fantastic, and now my daughter and husband also use Luna. It’s absolutely perfect.”

Linda F.

Local Guides

Fantastic!! As a mom of 4 kids, I don’t have a lot of extra time to sit in traffic or in waiting rooms. My daughter loved her therapist, who ended up teaching her some new exercises to help with her sport injury. She’s already seeing results!

“I feel like an elite athlete with my own dedicated PT. And, in my experience, having my PT come to my house gets me healed more quickly. Plus my Luna therapist just really cares more about my results.”

Kent G.

Local Guides

The therapist was very knowledgeable, gave good advice on what to keep in mind as I'm recovering; and also does good massages for parts of my back which are tense. If you're seeking physical therapy, these folks are really great.

“Being able to have appointments later in the evening, after my husband gets home from work, is so much easier. My days are so busy and having treatment when it’s convenient for me and my family is the best.”

Dave Z.


I love that I can get physical therapy at home rather than wasting time going to and from a clinic. They work around my schedule instead of the other way around!

Meet some of our therapists

Emily Kallen

Emily Kallen


Specializes in:

Post Operative Rehab, Balance and Fall Disorders, Osteoporosis Rehab

Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen


Specializes in:

Manual Therapy, Spine Care, Post Operative Rehab

Karen Khuu

Karen Khuu


Specializes in:

Ortho and Sports Medicine, Pelvic Floor

Frequently asked questions

Why Luna for Anthem Blue Cross patients?

Patients insured by Anthem love Luna. Why? We’re not just a traditional physical therapy provider. We do physical therapy in the most convenient way imaginable — at home. Book an appointment in the app, and our therapists will come to you. There are no waiting lists, no waiting rooms, and PT sessions are available to Anthem patients for just a standard co-pay.

Where are Luna therapists seeing patients?

Our therapists are available for in-home physical therapy appointments across the United States. We come to you to make the PT experience as convenient as possible. See our service areas.

When and where can I have my appointment?

Appointments for private physical therapy at home are available 7 days a week, from 6:30 am - 8:30 pm. We make it hassle-free to complete your full course of care by having your Luna therapist come to you. In general, our therapists treat patients at home. See our clinic comparison chart.

Do I need a prescription to see a Luna physical therapist?

You do not need a prescription to start physical therapy. As an Anthem Blue Cross patient, you can see a therapist without a referral. We’ll also work with you to communicate your progress with your physician. Read more about prescriptions.

Can I see the same physical therapist every visit?

We strive to have a single therapist work with each patient for their entire course of care. Sometimes your scheduling priorities may require adjustments, but you’ll always know who is seeing you for your appointment in advance.