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Luna for Employers

Luna’s in-home physical therapy saves on MSK costs, improves access and adherence to care,
and promotes safety and employee satisfaction.

Comprehensive musculoskeletal care

Luna addresses all MSK case types. Our award-winning technology platform and board-certified physical therapists enable the most comprehensive solution in the market today with in-person PT delivery and an integrated digital experience.

Superior access and engagement

Superior access and engagement

Luna’s 92% sign up rate highlights the need for convenience. Luna delivers care within 2 days compared to clinic wait times of 21+ days. With Luna, employees save time and money from travel and lost work hours and receive care in the comfort and safety of their home.

Better adherence and results

Better adherence and results

Our 99.6% satisfaction score speaks to the quality of our service. With Luna, greater 1:1 time with a physical therapist, higher adherence and completion of care leads to truly better outcomes.

Significant savings on MSK costs

Significant savings on MSK costs

Early access to PT avoids costs related to pain medications, unnecessary tests, and procedures. Luna helps save 20% on lower back pain costs, $1,000+ per person for neck pain, and offers 40% faster improvement in recovery for TKR.

Complements your existing programs

Complements your existing programs

Luna works with existing MSK programs to address the full breadth of MSK needs, enhances adoption and adherence to PT guided programs, and ultimately improves workforce productivity and MSK related costs.

How it works

Luna has exceptional therapists in your members' communities, and accepts all major insurances and Medicare. Help your members join the thousands of Luna members that have recovered safely, quickly, and affordably.

In-Home PT

A Luna therapist will treat your members at their home via in-person delivery, or through prescribed in-app exercises.

Convenient support

Your member can book appointments online or over the phone. We’ll confirm their insurance coverage before the first visit so there are no billing surprises.

Expert therapists

We’ll use your members' clinical needs to match them with a therapist with the right expertise. And your member will work with the same therapist for every appointment.

Technology-enabled physical therapy

Weekly dashboard

View member metrics and outcomes with Luna’s weekly dashboard.

In-app exercises

Patients can stay motivated, track progress, and heal faster with therapist prescribed and monitored exercises.

Concierge service

Patients can schedule and manage visits, message their therapist, and use their insurance to pay.

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