Wakely Study: Impact of Physical Therapy Utilization on Health Plan Costs

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions significantly burden individuals and healthcare systems globally, both in terms of quality of life and financial costs. Recent evidence suggests that early intervention through physical therapy (PT) not only enhances patient outcomes but also reduces healthcare expenses for health plans. Our forthcoming study, "Impact of Physical Therapy Utilization on Health Plan Costs," explores this promising connection between PT usage and healthcare expenditure. Utilizing Wakely Consulting’s Actuarial Analysis from 2022, this study delves into the economic implications of PT adoption in healthcare.

This whitepaper investigates PT as a non-invasive approach to managing musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. It highlights a strong correlation between increased PT utilization and reduced healthcare costs for health plans. By examining specific MSK conditions like Cervical Spine, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Lumbar Spine, and more, this study previews the substantial economic benefits of prioritizing PT as a key element in effective health management.


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