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Physical therapy on your schedule

With Spring Klein On-Demand, you’ll get physical therapy at your home, gym, or office on your schedule. Luna is Spring Klein’s on-demand physical therapy partner and will handle all your scheduling needs!

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We’ll match you with an expert physical therapist who will come to you in the Houston area.

Helping patients, one community at a time.

Spring Klein On-Demand is convenient and on your schedule, so you can avoid the traffic, babysitters, and waiting rooms. Our service is covered by most insurance providers and there is no prescription needed to start treatment.

Get matched with a therapist

Work with the same physical therapist who’s an expert in your condition for every appointment.

Receive care on your schedule

Your therapist will deliver PT in-person, so getting care is safe and convenient.

Heal faster with Spring Klein On-Demand

In between sessions, your therapist can prescribe in-app exercises and answer any questions in the Luna® app.

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