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Physical therapy in Ghent, Virginia for ergonomic assessment

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Meet with the best ergonomic assessment physical therapists in Ghent, Virginia

Ghent, Virginia, Luna’s physical therapists specialize in ergonomic assessments and know how to help you reach your best at the office. As experts in the mechanical forces at work in the human body, your PTs can identify key problems and offer quick, easy solutions for your ergonomic troubles.

Best of all, with Luna, you don’t even have to venture out of the office to find the right physical therapist for your company’s needs. Our physical therapists come to you — it’s physical therapy, delivered.

What is an ergonomic assessment?

People do their best work when they’re comfortable. What’s more, prolonged sitting and repetitive motions — such as typing or moving a mouse — can result in injury or illness over time. That’s why more and more employees are turning to ergonomic assessments, which can help ensure their workplace movements and postures are right for their bodies.

Having an expert conduct an ergonomic assessment can help identify and correct your unhealthy office habits, contributing to greater productivity and lower risk of injury. As a result, employees can enjoy increased comfort and heightened focus throughout the day.

Source: Marathon Health

Why is an ergonomic assessment necessary?

Even in a quiet office environment, risks to the body run rampant. Sitting for too many hours a day can increase an employee’s risk of becoming overweight or suffering a serious blood clot. Staring at a computer screen can cause migraines while typing for hours each day can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ergonomic assessments are critical for workers of all kinds. Employees who have a comfortable, healthy working posture may even find they are more productive. By understanding the best way to use your body throughout a typical workday, you can protect your long-term health more effectively.

The most common reasons for an ergonomic assessment include:

  • Addressing pain or poor posture
  • Limiting the risk of workplace injury
  • Increasing effectiveness at work

Source: Workwell Works

Physical therapy for ergonomic assessment in Ghent, Virginia

Physical therapists understand that modern office life isn’t necessarily good for physical health. Many employees experience daily pain, including back pain and wrist pain, often from poor posture or repetitive motions. Physical therapists can use biomechanics to understand how your habitual movements and positions could be affecting your overall wellness.

In addition, physical therapists understand that employees can be limited by the physical parameters of their job, including chairs and desk configurations. Physical therapists can work with you to understand not only how to adjust to these parameters, but how specific improvements in workplace conditions may help reduce your physical stressors.

Source: Therapeutic Associates

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