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About Us

At Luna, we’re committed to bringing relief.

Physical therapy is powerful—for developing strength, managing emerging conditions, or recovering from surgery. But it’s challenging for physical therapy to make a significant clinical impact because therapists and patients are worn out.

Traditional physical therapy leaves more than 50% of therapists suffering from work-related pain and 70% of patients failing to complete their course of care. On both sides of the therapy table, people need better support.

At Luna, we’re designing a practice that gives therapists and patients the independence, control, and motivation they need to feel meaningful relief.

We’re committed to giving therapists the support and flexibility they need to thrive.

Therapists who practice with Luna get equitable compensation and the freedom to make their own schedules. They can focus exclusively on their patients, because our team handles billing and patient marketing. And by joining our growing, dynamic community, therapists learn and share insights with fellow experts.

We’re giving patients a better way to get well.

People need to receive treatment when and where they’re comfortable. That’s why our patients get treatment at home—there’s no traffic to battle, no childcare to confirm, and no time wasted in a waiting room. We want patients to stay motivated, so we accept new patients immediately, ensure they work with the same therapist for every appointment, and keep our costs low—with or without insurance.

We’re re-imagining physical therapy.

Our team of therapists, technologists, community-builders, and customer service experts is examining every aspect of the clinical relationship. We’re finding ways for our service team to remove the overhead. And we’re building technology that helps therapists and patients stay informed and committed.

We know that for physical therapy to serve more people, we need to help therapists do their jobs better and help patients get the most out of their treatment. By making it easier to give and receive care, Luna is driving faster recoveries for lasting health.

Physical therapy, delivered.®