Luna Exercises Helps Patients Get Better Faster

On-demand physical therapy leader, Luna, recently announced the launch of Exercises, an evolution of treatment with therapist prescribed and monitored exercises tailored for each patient. A staggering 65% of patients fail to adhere to their home exercise program and Luna Exercises aims to help lower that number by providing patients their prescribed exercises in the Luna App.

In 2018, Luna’s technology enabled on-demand physical therapy. Now, Luna is empowering physical therapists to prescribe exercises and monitor their patients’ progress in-between sessions. Gone are the days of physical therapists not being able to monitor their patients’ home exercise progress so they can adjust their care plan or offer encouragement.

With Luna Exercises, patients start their exercise program as a “seedling.” As they complete their exercises, the seedling grows into a “healthy tree” and produces fruit. And if the patient doesn’t follow the care plan, their tree wilts and loses its leaves. The tree reminds patients to stay on course by visually showing and tracking progress.

Luna strives to help patients get better faster, and that’s what Luna Exercises is all about. Patients love the ease of use and encouragement, and physicians love how it helps their patients experience less pain and recover more quickly.

About Luna

Luna, the leading on-demand physical therapy provider, was founded in 2018 to reimagine the physical therapy experience. Luna makes receiving and practicing outpatient physical therapy more convenient, modern, and impactful - through the use of technology. Now, patients have greater access to care, and therapists have the autonomy and flexibility they need to manage their careers and thrive in their own practice. For more information about Luna, please visit