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Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy
An Affiliate of the Scripps Network

How it works

Luna has exceptional therapists in your patients' communities, and accepts all major insurances and Medicare.
Join the 1,500+ physicians that refer to Luna today.

On-demand PT

A Luna therapist will treat Scripps’ patients at their home via in-person delivery, and through in-app exercises.

Convenient support

Scripps’ patients can book appointments online or over the phone. We'll confirm their insurance coverage before the first visit so there are no billing surprises.

Expert therapists

We’ll match your patients to a therapist with the right expertise based on their clinical needs.

Meet your Care Coordination Contact

Here’s what Luna patients are saying

Luna represents everything physicians like to hear: experienced therapists, no wait times, and convenient at home care. Better accessibility is critical for patients’ outcomes and Luna is a breakthrough in outpatient physical therapy for busy patients.

Technology-enabled physical therapy

Receive weekly patient PT progress updates via the Luna Physician Dashboard.

  • Timely: Sent weekly by secure email
  • Relevant: Organized by each physician
  • Insightful: Case distribution, patient demographics, and more
  • Valuable: Pain level and functional scale improvements
  • Efficient: Easily view each patient’s status

Weekly dashboard

View Scripps’ patients metrics and outcomes with Luna’s weekly dashboard.

In-app exercises

Scripps’ patients can stay motivated, track progress, and heal faster with therapist prescribed and monitored exercises.

Concierge service

Scripps’ patients can schedule and manage their PT visits, message their therapist, and use their insurance to pay.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do patients always see the same therapist?

    Most of the time, yes. While a patient’s scheduling priorities may require adjustments, we strive to have a single therapist work with each patient for their entire course of care.

  • Where does Luna treat patients in the San Diego area?

  • How can I submit a prescription for my patient?

    Submit a prescription for your patient through this page, via our hand delivered prescription pads, or through your EMR. If your patient reaches out to us directly, we will communicate back with your office.

  • Are Luna visits covered by insurance?

    Luna accepts all major insurances and Medicare. We handle the benefits verification process for your patients. With Luna, your patients always pay the same exact co-pay their insurance plan has for visiting a PT clinic. Our self pay rate is $125 per visit.

  • How can I monitor my patient’s progress?

    You can easily monitor patient progress via our weekly Physician Dashboard. You’ll be able to view everything from case distribution to how your patients are improving as they complete their PT case with Luna.

  • Why has Scripps partnered with Luna?

    Luna, an affiliate of the Scripps Network, enables Scripps physicians to refer patients to on-demand physical therapy, enabling convenience, safety, and better outcomes. Plus, it's covered by insurance.

  • Why does PT on-demand increase patient recovery?

    More convenience means your patients will actually complete their care plans. Our therapists spend up to 4x more time with each patient than they can in a traditional clinic. Each patient gets a full 45-55 minute appointment that’s 100% focused on their course of care. That 1:1 level of attention leads to a more personalized patient experience, higher patient participation, and ultimately, a better outcome.

  • How are exercises prescribed by Luna therapists?

    Luna therapists prescribe exercises in the Luna App for patients to perform to aid in their recovery. Luna PTs are able to monitor their patients’ progress and can modify their workout plan either between visits or during their next visit to ensure patients get better, faster.

Submit a prescription

Submit an Rx securely for your patient using the form below. We’ll use this information to contact and onboard your patient to Luna.

Patient Prescription for PT

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