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Luna Eliminates Paperwork for Physical Therapists With Auto-Charting®

Luna continues to reimagine PT with the launch of an industry-first.

On-demand physical therapy leader, Luna, recently announced the launch of Auto-Charting, an industry first that eliminates paperwork for physical therapists. This new addition to the Luna platform empowers physical therapists to save considerable time and stay focused on patient care.

Hailed as “the solution to physical therapist burnout,” Auto-Charting is an automated, voice-activated service that creates digital patient charts for review and approval based on dictated answers to five to ten questions via phone. Luna therapists can reject charts that are not 100% accurate and enjoy full visibility into each patient’s charting history.

Auto-Charting is helping physical therapists save time in ways never seen before. With traditional clinic-based EMR software, physical therapists spend an average of 26.8 minutes on documentation per standard visit. With Auto-Charting, physical therapists can complete the same task now in 3-4 minutes. Across 6 charts, for example, that adds up to a savings of 2.3 hours per day of eliminated paperwork.

“We’re committed to making the lives of our physical therapists easier, and this is just the latest in our continuous quest to reimagine physical therapy,” says Luna’s Head of Therapist Network Development, Khanh Pham. “Our therapists can do everything else straight from their phones—get matched with patients, track patient progress, receive payments—so enabling a way to eliminate the time-consuming process of paperwork through the app seemed like the natural next step. Our therapists are so excited about this innovation!”

In a recent survey, 90% of Luna physical therapists confirmed that Auto-Charting saves them significant amounts of time compared to traditional documentation. The Luna team plans to make continuous improvements to the Auto-Charting offering based on feedback from their rapidly growing team of on-demand physical therapists.

About Luna

Luna, the leading on-demand physical therapy provider, was founded in 2018 to reimagine the physical therapy experience. Luna makes receiving and practicing outpatient physical therapy more convenient, modern, and impactful - through the use of technology. Now, patients have greater access to care, and therapists have the autonomy and flexibility they need to manage their careers and thrive in their own practice. For more information about Luna, please visit