Get safe physical therapy delivered to you, right now.

As the risks of COVID-19 remain a constant in all of our lives for the time being, Luna is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community. Luna offers the perfect way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by recovering at your home with in-person delivery of physical therapy.

Receive Care via In-Person Delivery

At Luna, patients' health and safety are our top priority. Luna physical therapists are trained and prepared to treat patients in the safety of their homes, using the best practices in infection control. Luna ensures patients and therapists have access to safe and convenient physical therapy, without having to visit a clinic. 

Protecting Our Community

Luna therapists continue to follow the best practices in infection control during this time of increased risk of infection and transmission. Additionally, Luna actively takes steps to ensure: 

  • Safe Therapists - Luna therapists deploy self-screening precautions every morning and make any necessary schedule changes that result.
  • Safe Patients - Therapists screen patients at the beginning of every session for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. Therapists are required to indicate that patients have answered “No” before beginning each session.
  • Session Scheduling Best Practices - Luna Concierge supports therapists and patients for any scheduling changes.

Luna Makes Patient and Therapist Communication a Breeze with the Luna App

  • Direct messaging between patient and therapist - therapists and patients communicate directly with each other in between sessions, resulting in timely and transparent communication.
  • Luna Exercises - Therapists prescribe and monitor patients’ Luna Exercise workout regimens, all within the app. Therapists successfully monitor and support patients’ progress.

With Luna, patients and therapists can confidently receive and provide care.