How Luna Works for Therapists

About Luna

What is Luna?

Luna provides in-home, outpatient physical therapy to patients with diverse clinical needs. Therapists practice with Luna to earn extra income, control their schedules, and enjoy focused, patient-centric appointments. Patients get care from Luna because they appreciate the flexibility, convenience, and unmatched customer support. Every Luna appointment is in the comfort of the patient’s home. Luna accepts most major insurances along with Medicare.

How does Luna support the best clinical outcomes?

When it’s easy to get treatment, patients are more likely to complete their course of care. That’s why providing in-home treatment leads to getting to the best outcomes. ~70% of patients don’t complete their care plans at traditional outpatient clinics.

During Luna appointments, each visit provides 45-55 minutes of patient-facing time. That is 3-4x the industry standard for time with a PT, enabling better care. Luna patients are able to develop a trusting clinical relationship with their therapist, because they work together for the entire course of care. In between appointments, Luna’s patient app helps drive engagement and adherence.

Does Luna focus on any physical therapy specialties?

Our therapists provide physical therapy in several specialties, including:

  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Geriatric care
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Vestibular care
  • Women’s health and pelvic floor

What types of patients get care through Luna?

Our patients are motivated, ambulatory, outpatient clients with a wide range of clinical needs. Ours is the same population as in a outpatient clinic. On average, Luna patients need 8-20 sessions, however, it is up to the therapist to determine what is the appropriate care plan. The youngest patients we treat are 10-15 years old with parental supervision and 16-17 years old with parental consent.

Is Luna home health?

No, Luna is outpatient PT at home. Luna is not a home health agency and is not billed that way (typically considered Medicare Part A). Luna is billed as an outpatient clinic with the same co-pay for patients as receiving treatment at an outpatient facility. That being said, both outpatient PTs and home health PTs love treating on Luna!

Are therapists employees of Luna?

Therapists who practice with Luna are independent contractors. They use Luna’s technology to schedule their availability, reference driving routes, complete documentation, and track their earnings.

What does Luna promise to every therapist?


  • Flexibility — Build your ideal workweek.
  • Independence — Work for yourself, without the risk or overhead of private practice.
  • Earning potential — Enjoy attractive rates and earnings transparency.
  • Research-driven — Use data to move from opinion-based medicine to evidence-based.
  • Community — Connect with other local therapists to share insights and support.
  • Easy technology—Let the Luna app take care of driving and billing logistics so you can focus on your patients.

How appointments work

Are Luna appointments covered by insurance?

Luna accepts most insurances, including Medicare. There is also a self-pay option for patients who choose to pay out of pocket. Luna handles all of the insurance billing, reimbursement, and claims processes without you having to worry about them.

How does patient and therapist matching work?

Every therapist who practices with Luna provides information about their areas of clinical expertise and the location where they want to practice. We use that information to match patients to therapists based on fit and proximity.

Do Luna therapists stay with a patient for their entire course of care?

We strive to have a single therapist work with each patient for their entire course of care. Sometimes scheduling priorities may require adjustments.

What is the average appointment length?

Appointments are 45-55 minutes. Self-pay and commercial insurance visits are 45 minutes and Medicare visits are 55 minutes. We strive for 4 units of billing during our visits when appropriate.

Using the Luna therapist app

How do therapists set their schedule with Luna?

Therapists use the app to share the days and times they want to make available. Therapists can also set a maximum number of appointments they want to book in a week. Here is an overview video of how scheduling works.

How much driving do Luna therapists do?

Therapists set the neighborhood they prefer to book their appointments in and Luna matches them to patients with 30 minutes or less travel time. The Luna therapist app plans the most efficient driving routes for each appointment.

Can I work in multiple locations throughout the week?

Yes! Luna supports the ability to set your availability around multiple locations throughout the week. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can be matched with patients within 30 minutes travel time of Location 1. And on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you can be matched with patients within 30 minutes travel time of Location 2.

How does charting and documentation work?

Luna provides its Auto-Charting® service to its therapists, whereby therapists submit a phone-based interview for their visit and a chart is automatically generated for their review and sign-off. This approach drastically reduces the time therapists spend on charting. Initial Visits (evaluations) typically take 8-10 minutes to interview and Standard Visits take typically 3-5 minutes. Here is an overview video of Auto-Charting.

What other features does Luna provide?

To help therapists stay productive, Luna provides a host of other capabilities on the Luna platform, including: intake forms, progress forms, patient exercise programs, patient and Concierge messaging, protocol support for surgeons, and weekly physician dashboards. Here is an overview video of these capabilities.

Compensation and billing

How much does Luna pay therapists?

Therapists are paid a per-appointment rate; check your local rate sheet for more information. Earnings occur instantly upon chart sign-off when using Auto-Charting in concert with Insta-Pay. Direct deposit may still take 1-3 days for funds to appear, depending on your bank.

What promotions or bonuses does Luna offer?

Luna offers periodic promotions and bonuses to recognize therapists who are active in the practice. Local rate sheets will always have the most up-to-date information about promotions and bonuses.

Is there a minimum number of hours therapists need to offer?

Therapists should be able to be available to provide at minimum 4 visits per week.

Every therapist is vetted before they’re invited into our practice, and we invest a lot in helping each person get onboarded and ready to treat Luna patients. To meet the level of commitment we make, we expect the therapists who come aboard to be serious about being available to provide care.

What if I want to go on vacation or need to stop practicing with Luna?

As independent contractors, Luna therapists are free to choose their schedule and work when they want.

How does billing work?

Luna does all the billing so that therapists can focus on treatment. Luna’s Auto-Charting process prepares charts for therapists to sign-off and incorporates an accurate representation of procedures and time spent based on the therapist Auto-Charting interview.

Getting started

What are the requirements for practicing with Luna?

  • State specific PT license
  • Reliable, personal transportation for therapists practicing outside city centers
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Liability insurance, $1M per claim and $3M aggregate, which typically costs about $150-$300 per year (we have a program in place with CM&F Group and recommend them)
  • In some instances, completing an interview with our clinical director

What happens once a therapist begins the process of signing up to practice with Luna?

Once our clinical team confirms a therapist meets our requirements, we help them through a series of onboarding steps, including:

  • Signing an Independent Contractor and Arbitration agreement
  • Submitting a Credentialing packet with current, accurate information
  • Showing proof of liability insurance
  • Completing a background check (we’ll do that for you)
  • Submitting banking information to receive direct deposit payouts

New Luna therapists must also commit to completing a one-hour onboarding session to get started.

How long does it take to start seeing patients?

Each therapist controls much of the timeline for completing their onboarding process. The swiftest it tends to be is about 1-2 weeks from first conversation to credential package submission. After your onboarding training session, it can take 2-4 weeks to get your schedule fully productive after going live on the Luna platform.

Support for Luna therapists

What is the Luna Concierge team?

Luna has a dedicated Concierge team that’s ready to help therapists, live: Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm Pacific (9am-9pm Eastern) and Saturday-Sunday, 6am-4pm Pacific (9am-7pm Eastern). The Concierge team can help with scheduling requests, tips on how to get the most out of the therapist app, and clinical support.

What is the Luna Safety Shield®?

The Luna team is committed to the safety of every therapist in the practice. The Safety Shield is a location monitoring service that runs in the therapist app. If a therapist has been in a patient location longer than the expected duration of the appointment, the Luna Concierge team will get an alert and reach out to check in with the therapist.

Does Luna handle credentialing?

Luna handles full credentialing on behalf of all the therapists who practice with us. Our Credentialing Manager helps Luna therapists identify and submit all credentialing and re-credentialing materials, for as long as they remain with the practice. We monitor and maintain every Luna therapist’s status, and advise on any documents that are up for expiration.

What equipment does Luna provide to its therapists?

Luna equips therapists with a PT Starter Kit which is a Luna backpack containing a goniometer, blood pressure monitor, therabands, and other miscellaneous tools and equipment. Therapists are required to source their own treatment table. It is strongly recommended that the therapist arrive at the patient location with their PT Starter Kit and treatment table, as patients are expecting it (even more so for the Initial Visit). Failure to do so may result in negative patient feedback via the patient app for the Luna visit.

Does Luna offer exercises for its patients?

Yes! Using the Luna app, therapists are able to create tailored exercise programs for your patients. And patients are then prompted to engage with their workouts via the Luna app per the frequency specified. This ability to prescribe and monitor patient exercises, along with modifying them as needed, creates an unparalleled integrated care experience.

Additional programs

Can independent contractors qualify for health benefits?

Luna is partnered with Stride Health, a company that specializes in benefits, mileage tracking and expense deductions for independent contractors. Open enrollment is from November 1st through January 15th, and you can enroll throughout the year if you have a qualifying life event (like starting a new business). Stride invites you to download their app and get started today.

Does Luna provide Continuing Education credits?

For therapists that activate availability for 20 or more visits per week (Elite therapists on the Luna platform), Luna provides no-cost access to Continuing Education Units (CEU's) via a third-party service. Contact the Therapist Success team to coordinate access.

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